About the Firm

The Law Firm of Kesa M. Johnston was established July 3, 2009, in Randolph County, Alabama. After law school, Johnston spent the first three years working as an Associate for a well established Roanoke firm.


Prior to opening at their new location in 2016, Johnston remodeled the first location in an old Main Street building which now houses M Salon. It was with the first building she discovered her passion for revitalization which has led to the restoration of several rental houses and 2 commercial building since 2007.

“The Law Firm of Kesa M. Johnston works to grant clients the best possible legal counsel and strongest case so they can feel confident heading into the courtroom.”

Kesa and her staff are dedicated to serving their community and in particular their clients. Kesa has represented clients with a variety of legal needs across the state. She has handled many complex divorce and custody matters and criminal case ranging from DUI to capital murder. The Firm offers representation you serve provided by individuals you can trust.

Family Law

Kesa has great of experience and understands how frustrating the realm of family law can be for clients. Because of her personal experience, Kesa has a particular interest in insuring that clients are knowledgeable at all times regarding the status of their case and that her office has contact as often as necessary to assist clients with their concerns. She works hard to make sure that her clients interests are placed in the forefront so that the Court can make knowledgeable and fair decisions in these complex matters.

Criminal Defense

Nothing can be more difficult than attempting to navigate your way through the criminal courts. Kesa has many years of experience and a great deal of training from nationally renowned universities and certification in capital murder defense, DUI and many others. She can assist clients with a number of issues from traffic tickets and DUI’s, theft, drug charges and serious crimes including capital murder. Kesa is an aggressive defender who will do what is necessary to protect the constitutional rights of the accused.

Real Estate

Real Estate closings at the Law Firm of Kesa M. Johnston are handled by professionals that have decades of combined experience. Realtors, clients and financial agents are welcomed in the office All parties are made aware of the status of closing requests on a regular basis so that the buyers and sellers involved as well as realtors and finance institutions are well educated on the process, apprised of the timeframe and experience an efficient closing. In addition, the firm can draft purchase agreements, deeds and deal with other disputes involving property.

Estate Planning

Losing a loved one can be a very difficult experience, in particular when there are mounting debts or multiple heirs. Kesa’s office is sensitive to those matters and helps clients to handle the probate arena by providing Estate planning documents, assisting with administration and probate of wills, and when possible negotiating with debt collectors for Estates. We also provide estate planning options for those who wish to avoid future issues for their family and heirs and want to insure their final wishes are memorialized.

Business Law

Our firm handles the needs of many local businesses including formation of LLC’s and corporations, debt collection, disputes and breach of contract issues. In particular we enjoy assisting new business owners in planning their venture and navigate the legal world in ways that best suit their needs.


Kesa is a registered mediator for general practice and in particular domestic relations in the State of Alabama. Due to her training Kesa can assist clients who wish to proceed to a fair settlement regarding their martial estate and custody of any children. Those clients who want to control the outcome of their cases rather than leaving it in the hands of the Courts often consider mediation. A great deal of money can be saved by those willing to mediate their cases whether it be with an attorney or without. Kesa will provide the knowledge necessary to help both parties, consider all aspects of settlement and reach an amicable agreement that is in the best interest of everyone concerned.

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Hear it from them…

“Kesa Johnston has performed legal services for me personally and for my business. She has always told me her opinion based on the law and her experience, whether or not I liked her answers. I trust Kesa to represent my best interests at all times, with no hidden agendas nor her own self-interest involved. From real-estate matters to my wife’s mother’s estate, and even to some hard debt collection negotiations, Kesa has always done what she needed to do without being overbearing and officious in her manner. I trust her and her work implicitly, and she IS my attorney.”

Pat Awbrey
Owner at M.L.Awbrey, Inc.

“I have used the Law firm of Kesa M. Johnston exclusively since 2008 for my business needs. Kesa has represented me on an array of different matters and I can’t say enough positive things about her and the staff. They are very thorough in the work, attentive to details and produce fantastic results. I highly recommend the firm.”

Bill Henderson
Owner at Speed N Sport Marine

“Before working with Kesa, I was never satisfied with the service from other lawyers. Kesa is responsive, detailed and truly cares about any legal situation my businesses have encountered. She always presents options, her recommendation and explanation of what to expect with each.”

Rodd Hineman
Owner at Corelinc/Relintless LLC

“Being in real estate for years has taught me to seek out vendors who have ethics and moral character. I have found that the Law Firm of Kesa M. Johnston has been a very good match fro my business. I have always been satisfied with the services provided by the firm and the ease of working with her team.”

Linda Stone
REMAX Lake Wedowee

“As a mortgage lender, it is crucial to work with a proficient closing attorney. The Law Firm of Kesa M. Johnston always performs with excellence on closing all my home loans. I appreciate all of their hard work.”

Lori Brown
Homestar Financial Corporation

“We use Kesa’s team to handle most of our closings as well a personal legal matters. We have always been pleased with her efforts and outcomes. I cannot say enough great things about this firm. Highly recommend!”

Ron Young
Owner/Broker at Wedowee Lakes & Lands Realty
Owner/Auctioneer at Southern Auction Solutions